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What Is Foundation Makeup?

Whether you’re a makeup guru or are still trying to figure out your signature look, chances are good that you’ve heard of foundation makeup. When it comes to makeup holy grails, foundation is one we can’t live without—because what’s a killer eye look without a flawless complexion to match? Below, we break down exactly what foundation makeup is and the difference between foundation and concealer.

Foundation makeup is a pigmented product that is applied all over the face to help create a smooth and even complexion upon which to apply the rest of your makeup. Foundation comes in many different formulas and finishes, allowing you to complement your skin’s natural attributes or transform them for a totally new look. As the name suggests, foundation is typically the first product you apply when completing your makeup routine, as it helps to create an even base that helps the rest of your look pop.

What is the difference between foundation and concealer?
While foundation is meant to be applied to your entire face to help create an even complexion, concealer covers things such as blemishes, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation. Typically, foundation is applied first to help create an overall even complexion, and then concealer is applied on top to help conceal whatever blemishes are still visible.

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